Marketing Automation Campaigns

Single-channel marketing misses out. Marketing automation provides individual visitor insights and outreach.

One dimensional marketing misses a large percentage of prospects that otherwise might respond to your message. We need to connect with each visitor with their preferred marketing method.

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Most marketing campaigns rely on static landing experiences and are manually administered by the sales team. This approach treats everyone the same and yields low results.

Personalize the conversation from the beginning to end. No extra effort required.

The Integrated, Personalized, Marketing Solution

Your prospects are able to receive automatic, custom-tailored messaging across a variety of channels. Each of these messages speak directly with the individual, as they see personalized offers based on their level of interaction. Messaging is also sent out via automatic scheduling to avoid saturation and increase engagement.

Measure the Value of Each & Every Visitor

As your visitors interact with your messaging, they are automatically scored, based on their level of engagement. The personalization system adjusts messaging accordingly to increase engagement. Your sales team will be enabled to have insights into your visitors’ interest and be able to reach out
at the perfect time.

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Robust features that make marketing easy (and maybe even enjoyable).

Dynamic Personalization

Increase engagement and conversions by delivering landing pages specifically personalized to individual visitors. Each of your visitors will be addressed by name upon visiting your website, along with seeing personalized promotions, page layouts, graphics and call to actions.

Sales Alerts

Be automatically alerted when valuable prospects perform any actionssuch as viewing specific web pages, time on site, requesting a whitepaper. Alerts will also be generated if your visiting prospect happens to work at target company, live in target region of the country, or any number of demographic criteria. Your sales team will have the right information to reach out at the perfect time.

Lead Nurturing

Launch marketing campaigns that adjust timing and content based on prospect behavior and qualifications. Build relationships with an unlimited number of prospects simultaneously.

Lead Scoring

Score leads based on activity, engagement and contact attributes. Every lead score adjustment becomes part of the prospect’s activity stream. Get notified when leads are warming up automatically.

Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous website visitors by factors such as company name, city, state and country. See search phrases and actual pages viewed per visitor with real-time website visitor tracking.

List Management

Automate list management based on attributes and behaviors.

Email Marketing

Create & send emails that perform. Unsubscribes and bounces are handled automatically. Know what happens after the click as individuals browse your website.

SMS Marketing

Send automated SMS text messages from a shared shortcode.

Social Media Marketing

Send scheduled Tweets or fully personalized Direct Messages to a group of Follower.

Direct Mail Marketing

Create export-ready files for print with full personalization, QR codes, and Personalized URL.

Voice Marketing

Deliver brief and relevant voice calls to any phone number.

Reports and Dashboards

Create on-demand or scheduled reports that pinpoint great prospects and illuminate campaign performance.


Identify trends, referral sources, traffic patterns and more on both an aggregate and unique visitor level.

CRM Integration

Sync eads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and campaigns with CRM solutions such as SalesForce, SugarCRM more.

Web Services API

Integrate with existing applications to keep data in sync and leads moving through the pipeline seamlessly.

Learn how marketing automaton can help your business.